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Why the LAB?

Room for ideas.

Participants are most open and willing to express themselves when they relax in their surroundings, facilitating an engaged, natural, and open conversation.  Our large space with high ceilings enables expansive thinking and insights.

Designed for comfort and endurance.

The LAB was designed to create a welcoming and comfortable space that encourages conversation and thinking. It is designed for the endurance required in a long day of focus groups – with comfort and amenities to endure a 10-hour+ day of listening to consumers and working through the implications of the insights.

Get closer.

We have had great success integrating our clients into the room during a focus group – they absorb more, they engage more, and they learn more – without creating a distraction.  The LAB is designed with a 24-foot retractable wall that eliminates the backroom and puts clients directly with their end consumers.  This layout is outstanding for creative brainstorming and ideation sessions with consumers – plenty of space for numerous clients to engage or simply watch the action firsthand.

In the conversation.

If you prefer to watch in a separate space, the LAB is equipped with two, 80” TVs offering two distinct views of the conversation.  The LAB offers a unique view using a 360-degree view camera that automatically follows the active speaker.  It puts you right in the middle of the conversation and gives an up-close view of participants and their non-verbal expressions.

Experienced = first class service.

We have over 20 years of experience in consumer research and corporate off-sites, and know that the space is paramount to success.  We also understand what first-class service is all about – we make the logistics and details easy so you can focus on your focus group, off-site, or ideation workshop.